JILL STUART RELAX shimmer body protector

JILL STUART RELAX shimmer body protector

A delicately glimmering, gentle veil.
A body sun screen to protect your innocent skin.

JILL STUART RELAX shimmer body protector
50mL HK$190

Product features:
・A sun screen for bodily use, spreading smoothly to create a thin veil that places no burden on your skin and yet protects it from the harshest UV rays.
・SPF50/PA+++ formulation that is resistant to sweat and water. Remains on your skin, providing reassurance to even the most active outdoor adventurer.
・Silver pearls sparkle delicately on your skin, as though your entire body is itself sparkling, creating a beautiful and elegant impression.
・Rich in the highly moisturizing ingredients rose honey, orange honey and lavender honey. In addition, anti-inflammatory loquat (leaf) extract reduces the damage caused by UV rays, keeping your skin refreshed.
・Aromatic White Floral Bouquet fragrance.
・A clean & modern design, with a translucent and pure look. A white silver body with a flower pattern on the label, and pink highlights. 1 per box.

Directions for use:
・The product is a two layer type, so shake well before evenly applying a small volume at a time, making sure you do not miss any areas.
* Can be removed using regular face wash products.

Beauty essences:
Moisturizers :
・Rose honey, orange honey, lavender honey
・Star fruit leaf extract
・Madonna lily (root) extract
・Peony extract
・Hydrolyzed silk
・Loquat (leaf) extract