JILL STUART RELAX treatment hair mist

JILL STUART RELAX treatment hair mist

Glistening and smooth hair through which your fingers just slide. Hair mist that will make your cuticles glisten.

JILL STUART RELAX treatment hair mist
200mL HK$205

Product features:
・A hair mist with excellent treatment properties, containing hyaluronic acid derivates with a cuticle repairing effect. Penetrates the hair between the cuticles, bringing them moisture while preventing cuticles from being lifted and damaged. Brings you glossy and smooth hair that your fingers just slide through.
・Protects your hair from damage, such as from friction. Repairs hair right down to the tips, even if facing advanced damage such as from dryness.
・Plant extract oils coat the surface of your hair, making it soft and gentle. Brings you smooth and soft hair with a rich luster.
・Protects your hair from damage due to brushing or the heat from using a drier.
・Protects your hair from picking up odors, such as cigarette smoke.
・A design that takes translucent, pure white as its primary color. The label is scattered with a charming pattern of small flowers and highlights of the brand color, pink. A mist type, with a ribbon charm attached at the base of the cap.
・Fragrance of aromatic white floral bouquet.

Directions for use:
・Hold 5 - 10cm away from dry or towel dried hair, spray and then work into your hair.

Beauty Essences:
・Cuticle repair effect
Hyaluronic acid derivates
Plant extract oils